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What are the benefits of dental crowns and bridges?

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Dental crowns and bridges are a convenient way of replacing missing teeth. A dental crown is a kind of a cap that the dentist puts over a tooth. Crowns make teeth stronger and enhance their appearance. Cracked and broken teeth, deep cavities, discoloration of teeth. Dental crowns can be manufactured from ceramics, metal, porcelain, composite resin, etc. They can effortlessly blend with the natural teeth. It also restores the long-term structure of the tooth.


A dental bridge is a little different from a crown. It consists of two crowns on either side of a false tooth or a missing tooth. Such false teeth can be made up of any material like alloys, gold, etc. A dental bridge fills in the gap made by a missing tooth. It is supported either by implants or natural teeth.


Different types of crowns and bridges


A few varieties of crowns and bridges are available. The patient and the dentist can choose the best one to accommodate the patient's needs. There are three main types of crowns, temporary crowns, one day crowns, onlay or 3/4 crowns.


Temporary crowns will remain in your mouth only for a short period of time. The adhesive used in such a crown is a mild kind that is weaker than the one used in permanent crowns. The temporary crown will soon be replaced by permanent ones.


One day crowns are called so because they can be installed in the mouth in just a single appointment. They are made from ceramic material.


Onlay or 3/4 crown covers the tooth partially. Only 3/4th part of the tooth is covered. Your dentist will suggest this type of crown when the tooth doesn't need to be covered fully. These crowns can be manufactured from various materials. Porcelain, zirconia, ceramic, metal, composite resin, etc. are some building materials.


Dental bridges are also available in a wide variety.


Traditional fixed bridges replace missing teeth, where the bridge is placed in the gap between two healthy teeth.


Cantilever bridges are placed when there is a tooth on just one side, onto which the bridge is placed.


Maryland bonded bridges or resin bonded bridges are commonly used to replace front teeth. It is placed on the healthy teeth that are adjacent, with metal or porcelain wings. The wings are fixed behind the teeth, so they are not visible.


With proper consultation with your dentist, you can find the correct match of crown or bridge for your teeth.


Let's take a look at the various benefits of getting a dental crown or bridge.


Restoration of tooth structure and function


A dental crown is a sure way of protecting a damaged tooth. A root canal treatment also makes the tooth weak and fragile; a dental crown is used in such conditions.


A dental bridge helps in restoring the functionality of the tooth. It allows the patient to chew and eat normally as the gap made by the missing tooth is completely filled. A bridge will also help in improving the speech, making it clear and understandable.


Aesthetic enhancement


A dental crown restores the structure as well as shape of the tooth. The ceramic crowns can blend in very well with the natural teeth and look very good. Even better, the colour of the crown can be matched to the surrounding teeth. Dental crowns also enhance the look of your natural smile, making it brighter.


A dental bridge helps very significantly in improving the aesthetics of the teeth. Along with compensating for the loss of a tooth, it also helps in restoring the patient's precious smile.




There are a lot of dental treatments that are known to last a long time, out of all of them, dental crown lasts the longest. This happens because dental crowns are made from really strong and high-quality material.


Dental bridges also last a very long time and are equally as durable as dental crowns. They have a high success rate. Along with being long lasting, both dental bridges as well as crowns are extremely cost effective.


Stronger teeth


Dental crowns can handily protect dated teeth that have become fragile and weak. It acts like a protective coat. Crowns and bridges also prevent future tooth loss as both equipment hold the teeth together. They also strengthen the jawbone as they provide constant stimulation, just as normal teeth would, leading to it making it strong. Dental crown can also cover implants. They can also hold an extremely damaged tooth in place. They help limit the damages like limit cracks to a small space and prevent it from reaching the nerve. Shifting of other teeth is also common due to the missing teeth, dental bridges and crowns help keeping the teeth stable and in place.   


Pain ends


 When teeth break in an incomplete way, they become sore and painful. Bleeding is also common. It could be due to any reason, an accident, an injury or simply a tooth falling off. Dental crowns and bridges help put a stop to this pain. The sensitivity caused by losing a tooth is also eliminated.


Increased confidence and self esteem


Dental crowns and bridges help heal the teeth and corrects their structure. Naturally, the appearance also becomes better. It is a known fact that improved appearance affects one's confidence positively. Dental crowns can even be customized to match the original colour of the teeth. Dental bridges also help maintain the shape of the patient's face. Naturally, a person starts feeling good about themselves, starts smiling more freely and radiates positivity. Dental crowns and bridges surely do bring out your best smile.


Improved oral health


Broken teeth make it hard to maintain oral hygiene and look after teeth properly. They bleed sometimes if you brush or floss them too hard. A missing tooth hurts equally. The gums sometimes start becoming swollen and tender. Getting dental crowns and bridges helps in all these cases and helps the patient in maintaining oral health.