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A bridge is method of replacing one or more missing teeth using a porcelain tooth or teeth attached to the two natural teeth on either side of the gap. There are many ways for the fake tooth to attach to the teeth on either side, but the most common method is to place crowns on each tooth to ensure it does not dislodge. However in certain situations we can bond or glue the fake tooth to one tooth next door - known as a Resin Bonded Bridge. Your dentist will discuss which bridge design is most suitable, but in either case the missing tooth is replaced to restore both the function and appearance your smile.


With new advancements in technologies, bridges can be tailored to precisely match your existing teeth. They may be made of porcelain, or a combination of porcelain and metal. However both options result in a life-like appearance.


Once we have prepared the teeth for the bridge, detailed moulds of your teeth will be taken and sent to our lab to fabricate the prosthesis.  While we wait for it to return, we will make you a temporary bridge to ensure that those teeth have some protection and those gaps are filled straight away.